July 2017

Lab meeting at JGU Mainz

Adam is currently visiting the JGU Mainz lab, testing various fluid compositions (see proof in figure). Denis and (now Dr.) Max were very helpful in explaining the artificial cave and issues related with precipitating carbonates.

Seb and Matthias joined from RUB to discuss experiments that Matthias will conduct during his MSc thesis in Mainz and to plan the field and lab work in New Zealand later this year. Cinthya, Inken, and Max will visit Waikato in winter and perform experiments in Adam´s lab, take care of the monitoring and to take samples from speleothems.

A very long, but productive day was concluded with dinner and beer at the Main terraces.

Adam and Deniz during fluid testing.

Adam and Denis during fluid testing.

Hallo Welt!

The QUEST Team will soon be reinforced by our new PhD student at RUB – Cinthya. To prepare her for regional Pott-Communication she currently participates in a German Language course in Cologne (the wrong side of the Rhine river). The DAAD is doing an excellent job, not only providing the German training, but also offering get-togethers, excursions and much more. If this really helps to prepare Cinthya for the traditional Bochum “Currywurst”* – well, we´ll see…

*the true Currywurst is – of course – only available in Berlin!

A visit from the Antipodes!

Adam is on his way to visit the QUEST Team in Mainz!

To start work in the virtual cave and to organize oh so many details around the planned experiments with Denis and Max, as well as to have a good pint of German brew, Adam will be in Mainz this week. Seb joins together with Matthias Magiera, who will do his MSc study with us later this year, all related to the virtual cave. We also look forward planning the end of this year, when Inken and Cinthya are going to visit Waikato for field and lab work.

Stay tuned!